January 20, 2022

The Pros & Cons Of Staying In Hotels

You will often get more space in a hotel room than you would in a regular hotel room. To get the same space in a hotel suite, you’d need to rent a complete suite.

It all sounds wonderful, right? There are also some drawbacks. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of a hotel:

Pros Of Staying In A Hotel:

No Cooking

A hotel room has one advantage: you can’t make your own food, even if you tried! Do not be tempted to get a room that has a kitchenette. You may regret it.


I’d love to live in paradise for a week without vacuuming or making beds. Give the housekeepers a huge tip, they are deserving it.


Although I enjoy planning my trips ahead, there are always unexpected problems that may arise that the concierge can help with. They can help you find a doctor if your child is ill, or find an indoor activity for you. If you are looking for a recommendation for a good restaurant, they can also assist you in finding one. After you have booked your room, contact them to start planning.


Some rentals may be located in residential areas, which can make them less secure. A hotel is always safer than a rental, especially when I’m traveling with my girls.


Many hotels in sliema offer gyms, spas, and restaurants. You shouldn’t use a hotel as a place to rest, but make it an experience.


Hotels can offer discounts on local attractions, rental cars, and airfare.

Rewards Program

Points can be earned by staying at hotels for more nights. These points can be exchanged for hotel rooms at no cost. You may also be eligible for free perks, such as upgrade rooms, gift cards, and travel packages, depending on your membership status.

Room Service

You don’t want to leave your PJs behind for breakfast. You’re on vacation, so there’s no need to get out of bed. Let the food come to your house!

Cons Of Staying In A Hotel

Tiny Space = A Lot Of Bickering

My family loves to have their space. In fact, we need it. We become caged animals when we are restricted to a tiny space. You should inspect the location of your room.

Number Kids

Sometimes, friends with more than 2 children have trouble finding affordable rooms because they require a suite or adjoining bedrooms. They wouldn’t allow cots in standard rooms, and they are very strict about who can stay there. Many reviews I have read said that toddlers were not allowed in standard rooms and were refused entry.

Outdoor Space

You will need to find a hotel with a courtyard or other grassy areas if you want your children to run free. It can be difficult to find this type of property.


Your room should be spotless, but it is not always the truth. Sometimes, you find more than a few mints on your pillow. It is horrible to think about how many people have slept on the same bed as me and the things that they have done.