December 3, 2021

Do You Know About Few Best Kiteboarding Camps?

It will be quite difficult to compare the blissful sensation that you can get by riding with wind power, which is simply unequalled, surreal, like levitation! Many of those who are in love with this sport can testify that kiteboarding can always take you all around the world to search for that perfect kitesurf camp.

Here in this article, we shall list a few best kitesurfing camps in the world where you can enjoy this out-of-the-world experience. You could join Kite Surfing School in your area to learn this craft so that you can enjoy that blissful sensation.

  • LANGEBAAN, South Africa

This is one of the top winter destinations having the following features:

  • 95% wind reliability
  • Huge flat-water lagoon
  • World-class food and wine
  • Direct overnight flights available from UK

You can really enjoy your holiday in a resort.

  • LE MORNE, Mauritius

This is another destination for ultimate kitesurf holidays with the following features:

  • Huge flat-water lagoon meant for beginners
  • Stunning luxury hotel near the kite beach
  • Amazing holidays deals

From May to November is wind season where luxury hotels offer 60% off.

  • DAKHLA, Morocco

It is another unique and perfect multi-level spot having 70 to 80% wind reliability throughout the year.

  • Access to a large flat-water lagoon
  • Four other wave spots within 30 minutes distance
  • Perfect for adventurous singles
  • Luxury accommodation.
  • Most dramatic kitesurf locations


  • CABARETE, Dominican Republic

Recently, luxury beach accommodations have been opened that will offer great value for your money. Having the following features:

  • Weekly direct flights are available from UK
  • Perfect for single travellers
  • The wind is available almost all year round.


  • Kiteboarding in TARIFA

It is the best kite surfing destination available in Europe, which is a paradise for both beginners and also advanced riders. It is located in the southern part of Spain, blessed with consistent winds, amazing Mediterranean food, warm water, and vibrant nightlife.

  • Surf Camps in JERICOACOARA

This little sandy village is situated within a National Park. It is famous for moving dunes and offers loads of sunset Calpis, downwind breaks, and chilled-out vibes.

  • ESSAOUIRA, Morocco

Essaouira is a fishing harbour on Central Morocco’s Atlantic coast and the best destination for kitesurfing in the world. It has managed to retain the authentic charm while the town has got a great surfing infrastructure.

  • Red Sea, Egypt

When thinking of Egypt, only the pyramids, Nile cruises, deserts, and iconic markets, come to mind, but Egypt is also famous as a kitesurfing destination.

  • Flight from Europe available
  • Clean and reliable winds
  • Warm water
  • Warm and sunny weather
  • Flatwater lagoons.


  • BORACAY, Philippines

Boracay is famous for its perfect white sand beaches. Having reliable winds, a perfect tropical climate, and flat water, Boracay makes the best destination for beginners who are looking for adventure and relaxation.

  • KALPITIYA, Sri Lanka

Kalpitiya may not be that popular destination, but it is relatively uncrowded, having reliable wind and also warm tropical waters. Also, it is quite famous among kite surfers.

This is not the complete list, as there are many more kiteboarding facilities you can find in many different corners of the world.