July 21, 2021

Some of The Best Places to Live in Maui

If you have planned to move to Maui, you need to decide well where you would like to live and in which place. Many factors need to be considered before you make a final decision to buy a house here. So here in this article, we will highlight the places, which might prove good for you.

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Here are some good places where you must stay in Maui:

West Maui

Everything is like a walkable distance here for any restaurants, shops, beaches, and any events. It is the best for activities like snorkeling, surf breaks, beach camps, etc. you can very much enjoy the views of mountains, sunrise, and sunset. You might get jobs in service industries like restaurants, resorts, art galleries, and others.

The disadvantage of this place is that it is very far away from any other place and driving through will make you frustrated and take long. Also, it is very difficult to get houses on rent or buying at affordable prices. This place is very touristy; hence it is often overcrowded.

South Maui

Here too you have a walkable distance to good restaurants, shops, and beaches. It is great for water activities like snorkeling, swimming, and other fun activities. Here jobs are good for people in the hospitality, service, and real estate industry because there is a good number of restaurants, resorts, retail shops, and vacation rental houses here. you can enjoy the best sceneries here of Haleakala, sunsets, and the windmills present on the West Maui mountains. From this place, you can also have proximity to places like Kahului and Wailuku (they are places with big corporate offices, concert venues, and movie theatres).

The disadvantage of this place is that it is again overcrowded with tourists. There are also smoke and red dust problems because of sugarcane burning. It is one of the hottest islands. Mostly, you will see old crowds, retirees, and families here.

Central Maui

This place is very close to the best facilities like good restaurants, movie theatres, retail stores and many more. You can do fun activities like windsurfing at these local beaches. It is a great place for youngsters as it has lovely coffee shops, music stores, and pop restaurants.

The disadvantage here is that you will not be able to enjoy the best sceneries here. The traffic here is very bad. You will not be able to enjoy the nice lounging beaches as the water is rough here and you will experience strong winds.

North Maui

You can enjoy short walks, bus rides, or drive to the best surf spots. You have the best of restaurants, retail stores, and coffee shops here. You can enjoy the best of water activities here at the beach. You will find younger crowds here who are interested in water sports, yoga, and staying fit.

The disadvantage here is that the rent is too high. There are lots of rain, which can make everything mushy and damp.