December 3, 2021

Recipe For Disaster – Slip And Falls Are Potential Risks In A Restaurant

Although working together in a restaurant seems to be magnificent, dashing around, sticky and grease floor and mess of items is one of the recipes for disaster. A wet, sticky floor may cause accidents like slip and fall, which is the cause of personal injury claims. In such a case, you have to pay the amount for

injuries caused.

According to reports, nearly 700,000 people in America are being hospitalized due to fall injuries each year, and over 2.5 million seniors are taking emergency treatment. Falls may lead to injuries, including TBI (traumatic brain injury). So, it is essential to take proper care of the untidy, greasy floors.

One of the easiest ways to maintain clean floors and prevent slips and falls is using floor mats. They absorb dust, debris, dirt, moisture, and other allergens. It not only helps to maintain a clean, dry floor but also helps to prevent harmful germs from entering the area as well.

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How slip and fall costs a lot to business owners?

When customers or employees fall due to the obligation in keeping the premises in a safe condition, those individuals can claim a personal injury case over the business owner to get compensation. Generally, such claims come under the concept called premises liability. Every year, business owners of America are paying hundreds of thousands of bucks for slip and fall injuries.

The claim cost of a slip and fall is nearly $30,000. If the injury leads to THC, then the claim cost will be much greater. A few slip and fall claims are covered by the insurance policy. It may lead to an increase in the premium rates. If the employee claims for slip and fall, the owner has to pay from the pocket, which costs a lot.

How slips and falls occur in a kitchen?

The best solution to prevent slip and fall liabilities is recognizing and understanding the reasons for the occurrence. The most common causes are weather hazards, loose mats or rugs, cooking, preparing, equipment, falling liquid and food, etc.

Tips to prevent slip and falls

The following are a few tips that help in preventing the occurrence of slip and falls:

  • Maintaining proper equipment
  • Maintaining an efficient kitchen and dry surfaces
  • Using high-quality mats in the areas like entrance, exit, kitchen, and others
  • Cleaning up spills and messes
  • Avoiding mopping in busy hours

These days, you can find a range of mats that are specifically made to provide functionality, safety, and durability in all environments. These mats can withstand the high-traffic and facilitates protection. They reduce fatigue for the employees, who spend the whole day on the feet.

Many online stores offer high-quality floor mats, choose the best one, and order them today to improve the efficiency and safety of your restaurant.