May 18, 2021

How to Get A Free Driving Lesson?

Usually, when we hear about something that’s free, we expect a corner cut either in quality or legality. There is 100% legal way to get a high-quality driving license endorsed by the Australian government. You need to meet a few criteria to be eligible for a free driving lesson. If you are a learner driver who has no solo driving experience, you are eligible to get this free driving lesson. That is, no corner cutting or hidden costs included. Thanks to the government funded Keys2drive initiative, you are eligible for a free complimentary driving lesson.

What Is the Keys2drive Initiative?

The Keys2drive initiative has been endorsed by the Australian government from last 10 years. It is to encourage learner driver’s gain much needed experience and confidence to successfully help them in becoming independent drivers. It is 60 minutes long driving lesson and designed to teach revolutionary new skills to the young drivers.

These lessons cannot be used to replace your standard driving lessons that you need to take to obtain a valid driving lesson. Rather, this lesson can be supplemented with those standard lessons. Pass First Go offers lessons for student at any experience level. To find well-qualified driving instructors in Coffs Harbour, do check out their website to get affordable and reliable driving lessons.

Why Is This Driving Lesson Free?

The program is run by the Australian Automobile Association with Australian Government support and funding and is introduced to help learner driver to access one free driving lessons with a fully accredited and quality driving instructor. This program was introduced with a belief that professional driving lessons will produce safer and better drivers. The government provided funding in an effort to create safer drivers on road.

Eligibility of The Free Driving Lesson

The leaner drivers looking to access this free lesson must hold a valid learner permit and should not hold a full driver lesson either in Australia or overseas.

What Does the Free Driving Lesson Include?

It is a 60-minute driving lesson that is different from your standard driving lesson. Your Keys2drive instructor will explain you the learning approach to help you transit from learner driver to a P1 plater. It is designed to help you find the most effective learning style to use while practicing with a supervisor in structured driving lessons. This lesson should be attended both by learner driver and supervisor as it includes both practical demonstration and driving time.

How to Access Free Driving Lesson?

Find an accredited driving instructor from different driving schools to make sure you have enough driving practice under your belt. It is recommended that you take some structured driving lessons before taking this free Keys2drive lesson to get maximum benefit from the skills taught as part of this special lesson.


To recap, Keys2drive program is here to give you a free driving lesson with no hidden costs involved. Just find a reliable driving instructor to get the most out of this lesson.