July 21, 2021

Do You Know When You Should Click During Hazard Perception Test?

During the driving license test, hazard perception test is one of the most important part where the candidate will be asked to see a video clip and identify the potential hazard. Actually, a hazard is anything which can cause a driver to do any of the following:

  • Change the speed
  • Change direction
  • Apply brake
  • Even stop the vehicle.

While driving in real life one may encounter many different hazards like roundabouts, traffic light, junctions etc. All these are called as static hazards. However, here we are not considering these static hazards during Hazard Perception Test.

In fact, here you are supposed to identify only developing hazards and your ability to detect such hazards is going to be tested. When you take driving lessons Melbourne the instructors will also spend sufficient time with you to explain this test.

Here are answers to few of the frequently asked questions regarding hazard perception test that will help you to get better understanding about it.

  • Do I need to click on hazard itself?

It is not necessary to click on hazard directly. You have to simply click your mouse button almost anywhere on the display screen and you can see small red flag that may appear at the bottom of display screen.

  • How to avoid accusation of cheating?

There is a built-in system to detect cheat, so you should be careful that you do not click too often.

Actually, there is a thin line between clicking sufficient number of times to ensure that you should score maximum points and by clicking too often the test software will consider you are cheating.

  • What happens in case I click on hazard too early?

Sometimes with your very first click, you can score 5 points. However, chances are also there that you may score 0 by clicking 1/100th of second before your window opens.

In second click, you may score 3 or 4 but sometimes even 5 too.

  • When should I use mouse to click during the test?

The moment you see any developing hazard you must immediately click. You can score more points by clicking earlier. In case, you observe that hazard has become more serious then you must click once again.

  • How to pass this Hazard Perception Test?

In order to pass this important test, it is important that you need to see more numbers of video clips and try to identify the potential hazards quickly. More you practice, it will be possible for you to identify hazards quickly so that you can score more marks.

  • Where can I get free training?

There are few websites available on the internet that contains many numbers of video clips that can make you perfect for appearing for such test.

  • Can we use any App for practicing?

Yes, there are few useful apps available that can be quite useful for practicing for this kind of test. They can help you to prepare for such tests and can give you very nice practice before appearing for the driving test.