May 18, 2021

Indispensable Accessories and Gadgets for Stoners

The weed sector has hundreds of different gadgets and accessories designed to make pot smoking experience an enjoyable one. Some of the indispensable accessories and gadgets a stoner needs to know about are given below.

Stash containers

Stash containers help stoners in several ways.

  • They don’t forget where they stored their stash last.
  • Withhold the herb’s freshness and smell.
  • Hide it from those who disapprove.

A disguised container is a great option for a discrete stoner. On, an online head shop, you can check on different kinds of disguised containers like the Pringles container or Arizona iced tea container.

Smell proof containers help stoners to maintain their weed’s smell. Besides, weed can be smelt the moment you walk inside the room. In this situation, a smell-proof container is a great help.

Grinder gadgets

The finer your weed the slower it burns. So, you need to check premium grinders online. Electronic grinders are a good option for those who need to grind plenty of herbs, at one time. While you prepare edibles, grind an ounce within minutes.

Grinders don’t have to be simple and plain. You can choose designer weed grinders like the Pokeball grinder made for gym leaders or the death star themed 4-piece grinder, and the maze game grinder that keeps you entertained.

Smoking gadgets

There is a plethora of gadgets and gizmos people use for pot smoking. If you are choosing for sharing in large group session then a big bowl or bong or joint is a great option. If you want one for yourself, then a small chillum or bowl will be sufficient. Some unique gadgets that can spice your smoking experience are –

  • One-hitters – It reflects cigarettes including a small bowl at the end, where you need to fill the weed. A great gizmo for discreet users.
  • Glass blunt – It is much easy to use glass blunt as there is no wrap. Tobacco from blunt wrap is unhealthy. In glass blunt, you remove the corkscrew piece, fill the container with herbs and screw back the cork. No weed gets wasted using glass blunt.

Smell control gizmos

Medical and recreational marijuana is getting legalized in many states, but still, you need to be careful. It is wise to be discreet while sparking. Weeds can be smelt from miles, so it is necessary to control the stench while smoking.

Store weeds in the airtight container are a great way to maintain its smell when you are not toking. Smokebuddy is a gadget that can hide the dankest weed smell. Uncap the smokebuddy, blow smoke a little hard through its vent. The smoke level released gets minimized and smell diffuses as soon as it passes the filter.

Cleaning tools

Your smoking devices need to be regularly wiped and washed to avoid the burnt smell. You can use the ultimate cleaner to clean your bongs, bubbler, and bowls. Washing is simple and your piece looks brand new.


Toker Poker is a handheld Swiss army knife that fits BIC lighter. The poker helps to cash bowls when they get clogged. Pipe screens allow smoking more herbs and eating less.

Gadgets do not get you high, but make every stoner’s life easy!