June 14, 2021

Tips to Visit London Harry Potter Studio Tours

Needless to say, Harry Potter is one of the world’s successful and most viewed film series of Hollywood. Not only it is appealing but also it is power packed with special effects. The film is made into real life experience by the Warner Bros studio in London. It also throws light on the British artistry and craftsmanship making the visit as riveting as it can be. 

Since Harry potter series is the most watched series by children and even adults, you should not miss this place when you visit London. You will be able to see the studio just like it was filmed. In some parts of the gallery even short videos of how the film is being made is also placed at certain places of the hall. 

This famous Warner Bros Studio is 20 miles to the north-west of London. It is 3 miles to the M1 and M25 motor gallery. You cannot miss the opportunity of visiting this place. You don’t need to be a harry potter fan to experience it. 


Harry Porter london tours reviews are mostly given by foreigners who are world class travellers. Most of the reviews are listed in the Warner Bros website page for London. Additionally, you will also get them in the tours and travel websites of London. Let us give you a few details and why will it be one of your best decisions to visit the place:

Admiring the feel of behind the scenes of the film

If you have liked Harry Porter films, then you must have been in love with the details and appreciate the things being portrayed in it. Here in the studio you will have the chance to view many rare costumes and the intricate pops organized in a beautiful set. The sets are made picture like and you can take pictures as you move along the place.

Taking a close look at the process

Harry Potter fans love the special effects and the animatronics shown in the films. These effects have made the films immensely appealing. Here in the studio you get to see all the animatronics being showcased in the films. Not only this is appealing but also you get to see how life like they can be. You may not understand all the things showcased in the display, since the studio is more than one-hour walk. There are help cards placed at each side of the displays and also every detail is explained by the employees to each group, the person represents. 

All things are original studio things

While you enter the hall, a brief video will be showcased stating, all the things being kept at the studio are not replicas but are original pieces being used in the movie. The costumes and the different types of props being used are all the movie pieces. If there is something, which you have longed to see in real life, then this is the right place. Moreover, there are special scenes being set up across the halls, where you can live each and every detail as shown in the movies.