June 14, 2021

How to Avoid Rejection on Travel Insurance Claim?

Protecting finances from unplanned expenditures during travel is a necessity for travelers. This is where a travel insurance comes to their rescue. As a traveler, you should be aware of the best travel insurance India policies and buy the one that secures your money. Therefore, it is essential to understand the policy you are buying. In case a traveler files a claim for an expense that is not covered by the policy, the company is most likely to deny it. Customize your needs and buy travel insurance online from one of the reputed companies. 

Here are certain guidelines, following which will ensure that you can get the claim approved. 

Do not buy travel insurance to cover events that have already taken place

A travel insurance is meant to get secured from potential risks that may occur in future. The companies will not ensure the policyholders for losses that they have already incurred. Therefore, you should remember this when you buy the package, ensuring that the policy is purchased before any issue arises.

  Failure to provide receipts 

 Travelers need to keep a track of the expenses they are making on the way. In case you suffer losses on your trip, simply listing up the amounts and submitting them to the insurance company will not do. It is necessary to provide the proofs or receipts of the actual payments in order to get the losses reimbursed. Failure to produce these receipts will lead to a rejection of the insurance claim. You may go through the best travel insurance India online before you make your decision.

Not canceling the trip formally

You may have purchased a travel insurance for a trip that was likely to take place, but for some reason, it may have been canceled. In these cases, you should contact the travel agency and cancel the trip. Most of the travel insurance companies need a formal note of cancellation at the earliest, in order to accept the claim. The policyholder, as an additional bonus, may get a part of their prepaid expenses refunded. 

 Do not buy a plan that does not cover pre-existing situations

  Your travel insurance policy should cover the pre-existing conditions. For instance, travelers who want to buy medical travel insurance packages should go for a plan that covers the pre-existing conditions, or disorders. In case you opt for a wrong policy, the claim may be declined when a problem arises due to these pre-existing conditions. 

Avoiding alcohol or substance abuse 

Accidents caused by the effect of alcohol or substance abuse during travel may not be recognized by the company. The mental faculties get compromised during these phases, which increases the risk of injury. Therefore, the company may refuse to accept a claim for a damage or loss that had taken place due to the intoxication of the policyholder. Travelers have rightly realized that a travel insurance serves as a valuable accessory during their trips. You can buy travel insurance online, comparing the packages that the reputed companies have come up with. Remember to choose a plan that covers your pre-existing conditions and comes within your affordability.